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What Role Should Banks Play in the Financial System?

Regulation has made banks sturdier, but the financial system as a whole is less safe.

Rising Employee Tenure: Good or Bad for U.S. Labor Markets?


Americans are staying with their employers longer — good for stability but bad for labor market dynamism.

What Does Baltimore Tell Us About Poverty in America? An Interview With Isabel Sawhill

Isabel V. Sawhill

Changes in the economy and family structure are concentrating poverty and making it worse.

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May 2015

Commodities Over-Supply
The Younger the Woman, the More She Earns
Skills Gap in STEM Careers
Healthcare Costs Too High to Bear
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Oil prices at $75 a barrel are a realistic possibility in 2016.

Why Are Stock Prices So High?

Slow growth in most financial assets pushes investors toward equities.

How Much Does a Fed Rate Rise Matter? An Interview With Marti Subrahmanyam

The speed, size and real economic impact of a looming Fed interest rate liftoff may be smaller than expected.

Middle Class Economics: Is There a Middle?

Rich and poor are well-defined, but the middle is a muddle of special situations.

Will Inflation Pick Up in 2015?

Monetary easing and a potential oil price reversal suggest inflation could be on the rise by late 2015.

Understanding China’s Urban Real Estate Market

Pieter Bottelier tells us why a hard landing is unlikely despite the recent slowdown.

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