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Wages and Fed Policy — Making Promises You Can’t Keep

If the Fed waits to meet its own criteria, a rate rise will be a long way off.

China’s Big Bet on Robotics

China will be the world’s largest operator of industrial robots by 2017

Can robotics help China’s manufacturing industry stay competitive despite rising labor costs?

Understanding China’s Urban Real Estate Market


Pieter Bottelier tells us why a hard landing is unlikely despite the recent slowdown.

Our opinion on important issues of the day.

February 2015

Looking for Advancement
Who Owns Innovation?
Political Musical Chairs
United States: Engine of Global Growth
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An update of our November 2014 interview with Peter Goodburn.

Interest Rates and Tax Reform: Outlook for 2015

What reader response to past Commentaries tells us about 2015.

Income Redistribution, Stock Markets and the Decline of Public Companies

What reader response to past Charts of the Month tells us about 2015.

Commodity Price Surge? Follow the Money

Commodities reemerge as a favored asset class.

Commodity Prices Can’t Go Up Before They Go Down Even More: An Interview With Peter Goodburn

Commodity prices will synchronize below current lows before the “inflation pop” begins.

The Gray Tsunami: Does Aging Affect Growth?

As economies age, good growth is harder to come by.

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