Client Events

European CEO Dialogue

January 2015

On January 15-16, 2015, The GailFosler Group convened a small group of European business leaders in a private, off-the-record, discussion of how Europe can break out of old models to achieve greater economic dynamism and set the economy on a higher long term growth path. This meeting, hosted by Swiss Re at their Centre for Global Dialogue outside Zurich, was a response to disappointing European economic performance in 2014 and high unemployment rates, especially among the young and less skilled, which exacerbates inequality and political and social stability. Agenda topics examined the changing nature of labor demand and worker opportunities, the impact of increasing demand for capital efficiency, and possible conflicts with labor institutions and public policy. The goal of this meeting was to advance the thinking about these issues with the intention that any consensus would be taken forward to other European business/policy venues for deeper assessment.



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